Saturday, April 25, 2015

A little help when moving!

A while back, my cousin was over and saw my no soliciting sign.  She commissioned me to make one for one of our other cousins.  Seems that even while getting the house ready to move in, she has already been getting solicitors at her door, all varieties.

So welcome back to the saturday posting.  Hope your week was fantastic!  Still working on the birthday cards but had time to create this little sign.  Here are the lyrics...

~Scrap Factory program
~Scrap Factory Expansion Pack Scouts
~Hair is called Flo
~Outfit is Scouts girl
~Deja Vues All the Cookies paper
~Brown We R Memory Keepers washi tape
~Zenith Zing
~Bright colored buttons

Have you noticed over at ScrappyDew that many of the same files are also available with the Scrap Factory expansion packs? (i just noticed this)  So I cut out all the pieces and got to work dressing each piece up.  The badges needed to be bigger so I went digging in the bins (i really do have plastic bins) and found the button collection.  Ink some edges, cut out the words and she now has a NO SOLICITING sign for her new front door!

Here is the sign

A little closer look

I did put the sign in a plastic page protector.  She is just so cute!

Now for next week, your guess is as good as mine.  I am still making birthday cards.  But the problem with making them, is i can't show them off until the person has gotten their card.  I am sure I will dream up some other treasure to make.

Have a great weekend, bright blessings, Jana

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  1. The cutest “NO SOLICITING” sign I’ve ever seen. :)

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