Saturday, August 31, 2013


Good afternoon everyone.  First I would like to say how much it means to me to have you visiting and leaving comments these past 5 weeks.  Today is the BIG day!  The DOOZIE of a project is complete.  Before I show you how all the elements came together, here are the lyrics to all the files used:

I used the following files:
  • Silly Halloween Palz 2012
  • Happy Haunting Palz 2012
Through using up almost all of my scraps and the big yellow paper disaster (i still do not like yellow paper), having hands that are rough and have paper cuts I believe that this project is the BEST!  I have a beautiful project that I can use for Halloween and Thanksgiving! (just a warning that this is pic heavy

 So without further ado....THE DOOZIE REVEAL

During the week, I made the banner.  I used the basic shapes and gallery from Make The Cut.  It was all cut on Recollections paper.  Then at the points I put in groments and threaded through bright orange 1/4" ribbon.  For a first banner it turned out nice!  

Here are the elements of the mantel close up.

So there you have it!  The DOOZIE of a project is complete.  I had a lot of fun and some problems along the way.  But that is what crafting is all about.  Trial and error is what helps us become better crafters. 

That's it for this project.  I am working on a few cards, a crochet project and I really need to settle on a design for the 30+ Christmas cards I need to send out starting late November.  Thank you all for following along and remember if you have comments or questions, feel free to leave a message.

Very Bright Blessings, Jana

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Not so Haunted House and a suprise!

Hello and welcome to week 4 of the DOOZIE of a project.  Just a little background before I show you my project for this week.  I am very lucky to live in a city that has an abundance of historical homes.  We have Italianate, Victorian, Bungalow and Sears.  They have all been painstakingly painted to represent the colors of the era they were built.  So when it was time for this weeks project, I couldn't just make a black haunted house.  NOOOOO, I wanted a painted lady.  The roof is embossed card stock and all the other colors are Recollections scraps.  Here is the link to the ScrappyDew file called Happy Hauntings.  Without further ado, here is my haunted house.

Well, next week is Labor Day!  On Saturday I will show you how all these projects look when placed together.  

Just a little side note, my city has a hot air balloon festival each year.  This year I decided that I didn't want to get up at 5:30am and go to the field where the balloons launch.  (yes, I want to sleep in my old age)  You will not believe what happened.  At 8:01am I wake up to the sound that only a balloon makes.  I was thinking that they must just be going over the house like usual.  Nooooooooo!  A beautiful balloon had lost the wind and was landing in my DRIVEWAY!  So the balloon came to me this year instead.  The pilot gave teathered rides to all the neighborhood children.  It was a spontaneous block party!  A wonderful time commenced and the pilot and crew brought the balloon down on a tarp covered street.  Wow what an adventure.  Here is a couple of photos.....

The balloon is just touching down!

Ahhhhh, a safe landing!

So my Saturday is a total sucess!  I hope you will join me next week to see the finale of the DOOZIE of a project!

Bright blessings, Jana

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Summer Birthday card.

I love to make birthday cards.  Big, small I love them all  (Jana is a poet and didn't know it,  yeah right).  It seems that I have gotten kinda stuck.  I constantly turn to easel cards.  I really need to find some new designs but easel cards are just so unusual and really are fun to make.  This card was a little tricky.  I don't use a lot of black in my card making.  Maybe I should more often because this came out really nice.  I had some Graphic45 paper scraps that I fuzzy cut and the card went together in a snap!

Thanks for stopping by.  Short sweet post and now back to the DOOZIE!

Bright blessings, Jana

DOOZIE project week 3

Boy oh boy, how time flies while your having fun.  Can you believe it is week 3 of the DOOZIE project.  Time to start decorating the house for back to school and Halloween!  I just love this time of year.  Was shopping this week and noticed that the fall mums are out and maybe it's just me but I really was excited for the very few raindrops that we recieved this week.  I just love autumn.  And on that note, here is the addition for this week to the Doozie.  I used the Happy Haunting Palz 2012 file over at

This was a fun project.  Besides using scraps and glitter paper, I used an unexpected item this week.  A year or more ago, I visited a new slot car race track and hobby store.  They had a package of imitation grass like you would find on a model train setup.  I bought it thinking it would add texture to some project down the road.  I really like the look of it on this grave yard project.  

When making the fence, I decided that I wanted to join sections to gate in the grave yard.  So I made 4 sections and joined them together with brads that are colored black with a sharpie.  Over-all I think this will be a really cute addition to the DOOZIE!

Next week I will begin the final project element.  It's a large project and I may have to break it into two posts.  So please come back and visit me!!!

Have a fantastic week! 

 Bright blessings, Jana

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week 2 DOOZIE Project

Has it been another week already?  WOW!  There is a lot happening here in my little sphere of the blog world.  It's week 2 of the DOOZIE of a project.  I hope you will like what I have created using the patterns from ScrappyDew!  Please go and take a look at all the wonderful patterns (you know there are only 156 days until Christmas, like you needed to be reminded)

For this week I have a project that will fit the bill for a couple of holidays.  I am coming to realize that I am using up all my scraps exceedingly fast.  I'll show you the project and then tell you all about it.  Here is the link

I had to dig into my 12x12 Core'dinations Premium Cardstock Safari Pack to get the colors that I wanted.  Started with cutting the trees with my Zenith Zing.  The first layer was yellow.  Do you think I could get a good cut?  H E double toothpicks NO!!!  So I start trying to nail down what it might be.  I put in a new blade, nope.  Still tearing.  Check my settings and they are correct.  Didn't have any other 12x12 yellow paper so I cleaned my matt really well and that helped but this darned paper is so fiberous it's just shredding.  

So I remembered that others with a Zing had mentioned that when the weather is really humid they stick their paper in the microwave for 10 seconds to dry it out.  Finally this worked.  I had to do this with every sheet of Core'dinations sheet that I used.  I don't know if the weather was just really humid, but I have ran into problems with this brand of paper before.  If you would be soo kind as to leave a comment below with what 12x12 paper you use I would be really greatful.  So here are the trees~~~

Thankfully I was able to cut the scarecrow with the corn and hay bales with my good Recollections paper.  This cut like a dream (as I have expected it too).  Had some left over leaves and stuck them on also.  I think that it turned out soooo cute!

Whewwwww.....Week 2 of the DOOZIE project is complete.  Now I do know what I am making for week three but i'm not telling.  You will just have to come back next Saturday and find out.  I love having you visit and please remember to tell me what type of paper you have the greatest sucess with.  I don't want another yellow meltdown. 

So for now, Bright Blessings for the coming week!  Jana

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Doozie of a project week 1

Hello Hello Hello!  Does anyone love Halloween?  Of all the holidays, Halloween has got to be my favorite.  Don't get me wrong, I love all the holidays but with my daughters birthday the first week of October, I had a holiday ready birthday theme each year.  She is a fabulous woman and on her own but I still decorate for Halloween (snickers and thinks she gets out of dusting if she decorates) late September each year.  This year I decided to create a "DOOZIE" of a new project.  Each week I will share another element of the DOOZIE and then reveal the whole DOOZIE of a project on Labor Day weekend.

This project is called Silly Halloween Palz 2012.  I wanted some characters for my DOOZIE.  I used all scraps of Recollections paper and really cleaned out my stash. Now I wanted each of the palz to be free standing.  So I used the Make The Cut Software and looked in the gallery for an easel.  I used User Id 4030's simple easel.  I sized it to 1.5 inches and made two for each palz.  Ran some tape on each edge and stuck them on each leg.  Now my palz are standing tall (giggle remember that old commercial with the big hair and standing tall like a proud marine, I am sane, I promise).  For next week, I haven't decided on what part of my DOOZIE to complete.  So hang in there gang, you can be just as surprized as I will be. So here are my characters:

The beggining of the week I received some shocking news.  A friend I have had since kindergarten lost her husband monday evening.  She came home from work and saw that he was on the couch.  He had passed.  He was only 56.  I was stunned to say the least and this really threw me into a tail spin for a few days.  I scrambled to make a sympathy card.  I really hate to make these.  But another friend brought up a good thought.  I may hate to make them but the person who gets it will be comforted and know that I care very much.  Thanks Elaine, I needed to be reminded of this.  So here is what I came up with:

The inside of the card has a sheet of ocean waves and beach line that I wrote a short note on.  

So that is it from my little piece of the blogoshpere today.  Remember to check back next Saturday for the second installment of the DOOZIE of a project.

Bright Blessings, Jana