Saturday, March 29, 2014

One Cute Chick!

Good morning my crafty friends.  Today I have a door decoration to share with you.  Many of you know that my daughter and her other half bought their 1st home back in November.  They are having so much fun decorating and now watching their yard to see what pops up.  I have to give them credit.  They are not pulling up everything.  So many young people, especially first time home owners, pull everything up in the landscape.  What they are doing is this.  Making a map of the sunlight in the yard and seeing just what comes up during each growing season.  Mom didn't suggest this.  So I am pretty pleased as punch they thought this up on their own.

One item that they don't have is decorations for each holiday.  With Easter coming up I thought I would make a door decoration.  It had to have plenty of sparkle.  I saw ScrappyDew's file called One Cute Chick and knew that was the one for their door.
 Here is the link

On this project I used DCWV Glitter stack.  This stuff cuts like butter.  The other glitter pieces are from American Crafts.  Since it's going on their front door, I needed to use the pop bottle trick again (i just love using this medium).  The door is protected by a storm door so I didn't have to worry about moisture.  Also, I remembered to sign and date the back.  Maybe years to come, they will put this up and remember mom making it.  So without further ado.....ONE CUTE CHICK!!!

I took all the stuff off my bulletin board and here it is!

This is so stinking cute.  My daughter sent me a photo of it on their front door.  I really like how this turned out.  

So for next week, there is a big announcement coming.  I will be posting during the week to tell you more about this fantastic happening!!!!  So stay tuned, and check back often.

That's it for this week.  Bright blessings and many hugs, Jana

Friday, March 21, 2014

A 1st Birthday Card

Hello my crafty friends!  The sun is shining and the air has a bit of a chill, but I will take it!  I also smell a bit of Daphne in the air.  Ahhhh Spring!!!  

Today I have a very special 1st birthday card to share.  I have had the privilege of seeing this little guy grow so big in just a year.  He is just about to walk and get into everything.  I wanted to make a very special card that his mom could put in his baby book.  Over on ScrappyDews FB page, Ken of Kens Kreations graciously shared a card in a box pattern.  (Michelle has also converted this pattern to MTC.  You can LIKE the page and grab it here, you have to scroll and look at all the amazing projects though....I knew I just had to try my hand at this type of a card. 

I am going to give you the lyrics first (because I used a bunch of ScrappyDew files)  So here we go: Birthday Boy Cake Smash 2013  Bear Clowns 2013 I made the hair for the baby boy with this program

I used Recollections paper through out this project.

So let's get this party started!!!


I cut the card out of a shiny blue 12 x 12 sheet.  Gotta have blue for a boy's card.  Just to let you know I didn't put the card together UNTIL I had all the elements made and I dry fitted everything together.  I had scaled all the elements to fit on each side of the box and then cut and glued them together.  I wanted balloons staggered in back of the little boy.  I also wanted them to move a bit.  Ah, a clear acetate sheet would work.  So I took myself to Staples.  Staples wanted over $60 for 50 sheets of acetate.  Needless to say I did NOT buy this.  But what to use.  Here is my solution.

I am using a clear 2 liter pop bottle

Cut both ends off, and cut down the length of the bottle.

Rolled and flattened the plastic sheet and cut 1/2 inch strips

Using doubled sided tape, I attached these to the inside frame 

I attached my pretty paper.  You can see the plastic strips and
they do wave back and forth.  Just what I wanted and cost me
a plastic bottle deposit.

So here is the completed card.  I sure hope that the parents like it!

Card laying flat

The inside

The finished birthday card

I hope that you get some inspiration to try this yourself.   It is a fun project and I hope to make more.

For next weeks design team project, I am making an Easter Door Decoration for my girls.  I promise you lots of sparkle and glitter!

Bright Blessings for the coming week, Jana

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Here be dragons!

First off thank you so much for visiting today.  You can't imagine how happy and thankful I am to have friends visit and leave comments.  Thank you so much!

Back to cards today.  I have a very dear friend that is having a birthday in a few weeks.  She  just happens to love dragons.  And wouldn't you know it, ScrappyDew has a file that has the most adorable dragon.  So of course I just had to make it for her.  The pattern is called Scrappy Beauty.  Here is the link  I wanted my dragon to be pretty special.  I had bought some beautiful silver paper at Joanns that was embossed with a scale pattern a while back.  (yes, it was on clearance)  So I grabbed it and I also used some green ColorBok that is shiny foil paper.  I must say, working with this paper was a PAIN.  (this to i got on clearance at walmart)  The paper is actually green with a green shiny mylar covering.  The danged paper separated after being cut by my Zenith Zing.  I got 2 10 sheet pads.  It's not going to be used up very fast.  

My little dragon is so cute.  But it just needed that special touch, a little something extra.  I searched through ScrappyDew's site and my eye landed on the Tulips in the Hoppy Easter file located in the Vault.  You can find it under previous freebies.  Made the tulips and made an extra hand for the dragon.  Slapped the tulips on the dragon and stuck an extra hand over it.  My dragon now has a bouquet of beautiful spring tulips.  

Isn't this just the cutest lil dragon?  Now on to the inside.  I collect Graphic 45 paper.  I had some with faeries on it and carefully cut a couple out.  The tag is from the $1 bins at Target.  (i would have never even looked at this area if not for being very frugal)  So let's open the card and take a look...

TA-DA!!!!  With all the components put together, this came together nicely.  All the cards I make are 6" X 6".  The envelope is made from a single sheet of 12" X 12" solid color.  If you would like directions on how to make the envelope, just let me know.

That's is for this Saturday.  So happy that you could spend a few moments with me again this week.  Next week, to tell you the truth, I haven't got the foggiest idea what I will be making.  So you will just have to come back and see what I come up with.  Take care my friend!

Bright blessings, Jana

Friday, March 7, 2014

Bucket List Scrapbook

Hey there!  Great to have you back.

A while ago, I unexpectedly crossed off one item on my bucket list.  I had saved all the items I acquired doing this and had them sitting on my to do shelf.  I was trying to come up with a way to display those items and it HITS me over the head.  I could do a scrapbook specifically for bucket list adventures.  Now my bucket list is kinda quirky.  (so I guess that I am quirky too)  One adventure is to try Escargot.  (in Paris of course)  Another is a hot air ballon ride (maybe this summer, as we have a weekend festival filled with balloons)  But this adventure literally surprised the heck out of me.  It was at my local grocery store.

Growing up, I never had the opportunity to do this.  They basically traveled to large metropolitan areas and we are just a small town.  In October 2013, my grocery store had just finished remodeling.  This was the re-opening weekend.  My daughter took me to look at the store and get the grocery specials.  We checked out and for some reason went out a different exit than normal.  

Low and behold there it was.  Gleaming and shiny, red and orange. 

I was shocked to say the least and I am sure I embarrassed my 30+ year old daughter.  (it's the wiener-mobile, look look, it's really here!)  I was sooooo excited.  We got a tour from the hotdogger, a stack of stickers, a coloring sheet and a post card.  Then the big moment came.  (let me set the scene, mom and daughter 30+ and 50+ respectively standing in front of the wiener-mobile)  We started belting out the Oscar Meyer song.  When finished, we both received a cherished red wiener whistle.  One of the happiest days of my life.

So on to todays project.  I am a vault member over at ScrappyDew.  In the vault is a file called "What's Up Dog?"  It has mustard, ketchup and hotdog figures.  Here is the link of sample projects completed with vault patterns.  

These figures fit perfectly with all the items from the Wiener-Mobile moment.  So I arranged everything to my liking and here is what I came up with.

For a card maker, I think my attempt at scrapbooking turned out pretty good. I typed the words for the song from the Wiener-mobile blog. (i remember the song differently)  I used the caption balloon, added the typed song and did a print a cut using MTC (Make the Cut) software.  The background paper is by ekSucess and is called Around the World Road Signs.  The figures were made using Recollection cardstock.  The pocket I hand made and put some patterned green washi tape around the edges. Now I just need to go find a 12x12 scrapbook and the plastic protectors and I will be ready for my next bucket list adventure.

Thanks so much for coming along on this episode.  Hope everyone is thawing out finally.  Shorts and short sleeved shirt for me and 70 degrees.

Bright Blessings and see you next week!  Jana

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Good morning everyone!  My design team leader and the whole design team have some very exciting news!

Exciting News!!

Monica_ doll2
Tomorrow I’ll have some very exciting news to share with you all!
The ScrappyDew Creations DT have been very busy creating samples for the big reveal tomorrow.
How CUTE are these Paper Piecings?
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