Friday, August 22, 2014

Back to school

Hey everyone!  I am a day early with my ScrappyDew design team project this week.  Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will be on a park field watching hot air balloons get inflated and take off.  I have been doing this since the early 80's.  Don't get to the field each year, but always watch them from the house.  Now for this weeks project.

A few weeks back a new file was introduced.  It is called School 2014.  I have a friend that just loves to get mail.  This year he will be in 9th grade.  Gosh the 1st year of high school.  I had a feeling he would really like a surprise back to school card.

I used Recollections scraps for the boy and the actual card.  I also used Blackboard paper from Momenta for the inside.  I duplicated the school house and mirrored it.  Then welded both pieces together to create the card base.  On the inside I enlarged the notebook from the file to make it bigger so that I could have them be note cards.  So here is the final result...

The front.  I added the 'high' to school.

Here are the enlarged notebooks as cards.

I thought I would start my friend off with his first great report card!

I just love the way this special card turned out for my friend.  His mom told me, he loved it!  So my work is done (until Halloween that is).  

So I'm going to let you in on a strange little secret of mine.  If I get to do an activity that is really special to me, I plan ahead and get an outfit together so I will look SUPER!  I am a big believer in shopping thrift stores.  I find a great many items that have been donated by a retail store that are brand new.  Then I snap them up at pennies on the dollar.  So this is my outfit for tomorrow morning.  I am going to be stunning! (giggle giggle giggle)

Brand new Erika athletic outfit with capri's.  I paid $6.97

Last year, at the end of July til the Labor day weekend, I had a DOOZIE project going on. Here is the first post from last year.  This year is no different.  The first post of this MINI DOOZIE will be next weekend.  That is if I can keep from burning my fingers with the hot glue.  So for now, bright blessings, Jana.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

How to turn a DUD into a WOW!

It's Saturday again and I have a confession to make.  I do not always love how a project turns out.  In fact, I recently tore up a project but kept the piece that I liked.  If I keep what I like, I will usually use it on another project. I have a really cute little box that I have bits and pieces of cards and other projects that have gone by the wayside.

This weeks project uses one of those bits.  I posted a little orange purse project a few weeks ago.  

Look at the edges.  Nothing would stick to that darned orange glitter paper!
So I tore it all apart and kept the fairy.  The fairy pattern is the Flower Fairy Princess 2014.  She is cute as a bugs ear and I just knew I could use her sometime soon.  

On my front door I have a No Soliciting sign that is very creative.  It was getting very faded and I just needed to make a new one.  So I got out some Recollections paper and cut out what I wanted the sign to say and backed it with a bright color (I used the paper I cut the letters out of like a stencil).

 Next I dug out my Purple Cows Laminator and sealed the sign up.  After some finagling I got the sign the way I liked it.  So here is the new and improved Flower Fairy 2014.

Does this help with the solicitors?  In a way, some leave the porch and don't knock.  But just this week I had one knock and I answered.  The young man just wanted to say he "LOVED MY SIGN!!!!"  

That's it for this week.  Next week I will have a back to school card that will knock your socks off!

Bright blessings, Jana

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Warm hugs across the miles.

Guess what gang?  It's Saturday again and time for a new project.  This is a card that I made using the Scrap Factory file called ScrappyDew Bedtime.  I used the hair Vicki and outfit #3.  All of the card is constructed using various scraps and 1 sheet of cinnamon colored felt from Hobby Lobby.

 The inside of the card uses Kitty Palz from Scrappydew.  

I have a very good friend that lives many miles away that is dealing with a medical issue at the moment.  I thought she might like a cute card to cheer her up.  I think I surprised her and she said that it did just that.  Get well soon sweetie!

Now to the comedy portion of the blog for this week.  I am a huge CHICKEN when it comes to thunder and lightning storms.  I am terrified.  Thankfully we just don't get many here in the valley of Oregon.  That was until last night.  I knew when I got up in the morning and saw those stinking clouds I was in trouble.  (at least the storm waited until after the ScrappyDew Hangout on Google+ was over) About 9:12 pm (yes, I looked at the clock) it started.  Just heat lightning at first and then the BOOMERS started about 45 minutes later.  Wasn't bad, I could handle this.  But when the power blinked and the house rattled I went into panic mode.  Where can I hide....can't get under the bed.  Plugging my ears just made my head and fingers hurt.  THEN I remember I saw in the garage a set of noise cancelling ear phones (like the ones you use on a firing range).  Slapped those puppies on and magically the boomers didn't seem so scary anymore.  Of course this is after 3 hours of trying to stay calm.  This danged storm lasted until just before 4 am.  Of course then my kitty Spooky decided it was time for her to eat and got me up at 6:30 am.  Gang, I was falling asleep in my lunch.  Took a 3 hour nap this afternoon and all is well at home again.  Still keeping an eye out on the NOAA radar for any threat coming at us for tonight but so far so good.

So what's happening in your neck of the woods?  Any cool tips to share?  Leave some love or a comment and I will quickly get right back to you!

Bright blessings, Jana