Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dew Drop Stamps have arrived!

I am so excited.  Scrappy Dew has created their own line of stamps.  They are called 'Dew Drops'.  They are made of super high quality clear material and give a very sharp detailed stamped image.  Imagine my surprise when I received these in the mail.  (thank you Michelle for 'all' that you do for ScrappyDew & the Dewettes!) Well of course I had to give them a good workout.  First here is the lyrics...

~Georgia Pacific 110# card stock super bright
~Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers  (a list of all the pens I used is at the bottom of post)
~Memento Tuxedo Black ink
~Recollections paper

Since these are clear stamps, I tried using just a regular 2x3 acrylic block.  Not big enough.  So got out my Cuttlebug C plate and used this.  Worked like a charm.  Always apply ink to the stamp, not the stamp into the ink.  I used a brayer, rolled on a thick coat of ink and rolled across each stamp I wanted to use.  Stamped on the GP and got started coloring.  Next I fussy cut each image and made an Easter card to share with you.

If you look closely, I embossed the eggs in the tree.

Now for a list of pens used...
TREE CG2 & LG5; TRUNK TN7 & TN8; EMBOSSED EGGS; BASKETS CG2,EB1 &2, basket eggs IB2, OR2 & BP5;

This is called a side step card.  Here is the link to Splitcoast Stampers where I found the tutorial  I have one more Easter card to share next Saturday and then it's the start of the birthday card marathon.  

Have a wonderful week ahead and Bright Blessings, Jana

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The start of graduation season

I always thought that graduation season was May and June.  But silly me, you can graduate any time of the year.  Our neighbors daughter graduated from school with a degree as a dental hygienist.  It was a grueling 4 years but she made it with flying colors and is now completing her state boards.

A few months ago, ScrappyDew came out with an expansion pack called Community for the fantastic program Scrap Factory!  Gang if you don't have this program, you don't know what you are missing.  You can create your very own svg figures and some have accessories!  I knew that the community pack had a Dentist and that is where I started. Here are the lyrics...

~Scrap Factory Community Dentist
~Scrap Factory accessories toothbrush
~Recollections card stock
~DCWV Glitter stack
~Envelope Canvas Corp. Lavender and Ivory Swirl

I separated a tooth off the dentist coat.  I duplicated it in the Make the Cut software and then welded the teeth to each side of a 5.75 square.  Cut this out and backed it with white DCWV glitter paper.  Made a terrific frame.  The rest of the card is pretty normal.

Now on the inside of the card I took the toothbrush and added the letters congratulations.  I made each letter and then welded it to the toothbrush using MTC software.

Pretty nifty huh!
I decorated the back and the card is complete.  Even the envelope matches the color scheme.
the back
I heard from her mother and she really enjoyed the card.  Isn't that what crafting is all about?  Bringing some joy into a persons life.  So go and make some joy this week!  Until next week...

Bright blessings, Jana

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The coloring continues...

By now most of you know that I received the complete set of Spectrum Noir alcohol markers for a belated Christmas present.  I have been coloring some special images and using these as the front of birthday cards.  Link to the 1st project with my new markers.  This time I used another image from the Creative Haven Steampunk Designs Coloring Book.

After I select an image, I photocopy it on 2 sheets of Georgia Pacific #110 premium card stock and 2 sheets of my Pen Sketcher's paper made by Bee Paper (better safe than sorry, I always have another image on hand in case of mistakes).  

So let the coloring begin.  The G.P. paper is where I test the colors.  Then I actually color the image on the Bee Paper.  Here is a list of all the pens I used:

Small Gears HB3, Big Gear DR7; Big Hearts BP7, PL4 & True Black; Watch True Black, PP1,2 & 4,  IG2; Zepplin BGR1, PL1, PP1, BP7,LV3,TB2

Left LG4 & LG5; Middle OR2, PL4; Right LG4 & 5

True Black, IG3, GG2, OR2, PL4, BP7

FS1 & 2

The actual card is 6x6 inches.  The Gears are a pattern from ScrappyDew.  I cut them on my KNK Zing Die cutting machine using Make the Cut software.  The envelope paper is by Canvas Corp. called Lavender & Ivory Swirl.  So here is the completed project.

I love the phrase I found

So what do you think?  I am getting better.  Just starting the Accreditation program, so be prepared to follow my hits and goofs.

Thank you so much for visiting.  Have a great rest of the week!

Bright Blessings, Jana

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy St. Patricks Day!

My DIL (daughter-in-law) is a Veterinarian.  Their home is where 3 dogs, 5 kitties and a whole mess of fish live.  (i don't think they have the tree frogs still)  So in my warped creative mind I decided to have the animals of the house give their moms a St. Patricks day card.  Searching the NEW ScrappyDew website;  BTW, what do you think of the new website?  I think it's a lot easier to get around.  I found the Lucky Cats and the Lucky Pups patterns. Now for the rest of the lyrics...

~Recollections paper scraps
~Deja Views Shamrock Big Strips
~Deja Views Lucky Argyle
~Make the Cut software
~KNK Miss Zenith Zing

Putting this together was pretty straight forward.  No bumps in the road.  So here is what I came up with.

the front

The Deja View paper had this great poem.

The letters are cut of of black contact paper

found this little stamp for $1


the whole enchilada
Now I want to show you the first of two sewing projects that I have completed.  My BFF's son loves to make cookies with mom.  I thought he deserved his own apron and assorted tools.  He has received it by now so I can show you.

I love the material, monsters!

These went in the pockets

Birthday card and apron
I sure hope that he enjoys his cookie making supplies.  It was a lot of fun to make something for someone you care about.

Now next week is another card.  (yeppers lil ol card maker me)  But your guess is as good as mine as to what occasion it will be for.  Have a absolutely fabulous week!

Bright blessings, Jana

Saturday, March 7, 2015


No I haven't fallen off the deep end (again).  Hello and welcome back.  I needed to find green candy for treat bags for my 2 little neighbor kids and our 2 employees.  Every store I visited had Easter Candy out.  And I am NOT going to by a bag of jelly beans and just use the green ones.  (the bob would eat them, but i am not going to sit here and sort them)  So I took my walk this morning and went to Wally World.  Guess what I found?  Green dark chocolate mint M&M's.  Yippee!!!  Then I really started looking.  When did the green apple Jolly Ranchers go away?  Oh well, I am a happy camper.  I have made St. Patricks Day treat bag toppers.  But of course lyrics first...

~ScrappyDew MTC Challenge file March 2012 (i can't find the link in the ScrappyDew store it might be in the vault)
~Recollections Paper scraps
~Paper Accents Metallic Paper
~Deja Views 'Lucky Day' dbl sided paper
~Black contact paper
~M&M's Green Dark Chocolate Mint

I found these cute Ziplock bags that are snack size.  Measured the width and decided how tall my topper would be.  Mine is 6.5 inches long and 5 inches tall.  I folded this in half and that is the surface I decorated.  See the black lettering?  I set my KNK Zing to 15 pounds pressure and 1 pass and used black contact paper.  It cuts like a dream!


Green candy!!!!

These are so quick and easy to make.  Just got the assembly line technique set up and got them done in an evening.

Next week one more set of St. Patricks Day goodness and then it's the official start to Easter crafting.

Have a warmer week (east coast) and please watch out for flooding.  Here in the Pacific Northwest we are going to have a few rainy days after hitting 70 for Saturday and Sunday!!!

Bright blessings, Jana

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Playing catch up!

Yes, I know that it's Wednesday.  But I had to post a very big THANK YOU to all of the participants in my first every give-away.  It was a smashing success!

The suggestions as to what type of glue is your favorite were very helpful.  Going shopping soon to Joann's to pick up a couple that were listed.  Again I am truly blessed to be able to share with all of you!

Now on to the project that was supposed to be posted on Feb. 28, 2015 (saturday).  One of my BFF's son is having a birthday next week (i am so blessed to have a few bff's).  So I decided to make him a robot card in a box birthday greeting.  Here are the lyrics...

~Recollections paper
~DCWV Glitter Stack
~Making Memories Sarah Jane Children@play paper for envelope
~KNK Zing
~Make the Cut software

In the Robots 2012 file I have used views 1,4 and 5.  I also made multiple gears to decorate the sides.  I used my standard trick to elevate the robots.  I cut a 2 liter clear plastic pop bottle apart.  Then make long 1/2 inch strips (acetate is too expensive).

Here is the finished product.  

Along with the card, I wrapped his present in a box and then put that into another box and got it ready to ship.  

Ready to ship!
I have more pictures to share of what I made him but they will have to wait until he has opened his birthday present.  

So now I think I am all caught up.  Will have some St. Patricks day items for my post on Saturday.

Have a blessed week, Jana