Saturday, October 26, 2013



It's that time of year again.  The ghosties and ghoulies are starting to stir.  My home is decorated with all the Halloween Doozies.  I have candy and Playdoh to give out to the little ones that hopefully will come and visit me this upcoming Thursday.  (dagnabit, last year I only had 8, so this year better be better)

So excited that you could join me for the FINAL DOOZIE of the Halloween season.  My daughter-in-law teaches at our local community college.  I thought that her office door would be a perfect place for a large doozie!  She is teaching A/P this term and I thought that zombies would be just the right pattern.  Of course,Scrappy Dew had just the perfect file!  I used mostly Recollections paper/scraps and I have some really spooky paper from a DCWV Stack that I bought in 2012.  Now this is a BIG DOOZIE, it is 14" x 22".  (this was so much easier on my old eyes) For the background, I split one sheet of the 12 x 12 paper so that I could frame the poster board that I used instead of card stock.  (i thought it should have some extra omph! since it's stuck to a door)  I used printed scraps for the zombie clothing and I had to get some bling on it, so there is a beautiful sparkling full moon.  So here it is....

Halloween Door DOOZIE

The office door picture she sent me.

This project was so fun to put together.  I think she got a big kick out of mom making her a DOOZIE.  Gosh that's it for Halloween 2013.  I just want to say THANK YOU!  You have followed and left comments since we started on this adventure back in August.  I greatly appreciate all the feedback.  

So for now, Happy Halloween and bright blessings for Sanhaim, Jana

Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's another DOOZIE!!

Oh what a beautiful Saturday here in Oregon!  The air has a nice crisp feel/smell to it.  So glad that you came to visit for a spell!

The month of October is very busy around our house.  My daughters birthday is the first week.  I asked her if she would like anything special for her birthday.  (i set myself up for this every year)  She has a small space in her office at work that she wanted a mini DOOZIE for Halloween.  So of course, I headed to ScrappyDew to look for a file I thought she might enjoy.  This is the one I picked.  It's called Witch 2013 and here is the link  Now I happen to love Halloween and all the decorations and customs.  (it's possible that i enjoy it just as much as Christmas)
So as with any good DOOZIE, it had to have jewels and sparkle.  So my lovelies, here is what I came up with.

I think this really turned out spooktacular!  She really was tickled pink and thought that the small space she had would be perfect.  It has just the right amount of glitter (and so does the studio and house).  Of couse my DIL saw this and she wanted a big DOOZIE for her office door (she teaches AP @ the local and works as a veterinarian)  I will show off what I created for her on next weeks post.

Do you have a few more minutes?  I would love to share the birthday card I made for my daughter.  I had bought some napkins at the dollar store a while back.  They are Mardi Gras themed.  (i loved the colors)  I felt that the napkin was to thin so I backed the part I wanted to use on black card stock.  Found some jewels and some feathers to complete the mask.  I took a paper doily, colored it with ink and then used some shiny embossing powder on it.  Grabbed my stamps and made the medallion for the Celebrate.  (now this whole process took about 3 days)  Have you found when you are working on a very special project, that you take extra time to complete it?  This card overall took me a week!  Very aspect had to be just right. So here is the final card....what do you think?


I really love the play of colors and the sparkle.  Overall, very pretty card and the most important of all is that she loved it.  Mid-week, I will have a post about an altered art project that I created.  It was a mess but I took plenty of pictures to show you what I did.

Wow!  I sure enjoyed visiting with you.  We have to get together more often, I have a bunch of new posts to get done (8+ Samhain cards done and 8 more to go).
So for now, bright blessings!!!!!  Jana

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Cutie

Hello and welcome back to my little neck of the blogosphere.

This spring our neighborhood was blessed with a new addition.  My neighbors across the street had a little boy.  He is cute as a button!  His parents have recieved my cards for holidays for a couple of years now.  So I thought it was appropriate that I send little one his own card for Halloween. (of course he being only 6 months won't get it BUT his parents will)  So of course, I turned to ScrappyDew for a cute file called Pumpkin Patch Baby 2012  I used all scraps again and most Recollections paper.  Here is how it turned out.

I did put glitter on the card, but since little one is so little, mama won't let him at it.  Now next year, no glittler at all.  Safety first!!!  (i make so many adult cards that I need to remind myself )  I love the Halloween paper that I made the envelope out of.  Just fits.  

Just a short and sweet post today.  Next week I will have a couple of mini doozies to share that I have made for my daughters work places.

Have a wonderful rest of Saturday and see ya next week.

Bright blessings, Jana

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mom, can you make me....

Hello Hello Hello, so glad that you could pop by!

What mom hasn't heard the phrase, 'Mom, can you make me...'.  I got a call from my darling daughter asking if I would please make a going away card that 50+ people from her office could sign.  One of her co-workers at the Girl Scouts of America office is going back to school at Cambridge University for her masters degree.  So I started thinking....

First off I knew that I had the Girl Scouts 2013 from ScrappyDew
pattern file I could use.  But I was stumped as to what else to put on the card.  So I fretted, but then the lightblub suddenly came on.  She is traveling so maybe a jet plane and some luggage.  ScrappyDew to the rescue!!!  I had in my files the Vacation Plane 2013 file that would just fit the bill. 

So now you have the lyrics.  I used the girl scout with the cookie boxes.  I removed the cookie boxes and put luggage and a passport in her hands instead.  Next I photocopied my map of Oregon and used that for background paper.  I made the jet plane and positioned it so it's leaving Oregon.  So here is the front.

The card is 8"x8" and I knew that I needed extra pages for good luck wishes. So I cut a 12x12 in half, and made 4 extra pages.  Punched holes in the center and made a small book.  Then I decorated the last two pages to make it special for the gal that is leaving.  Here is the inside.

I think on such short notice the card came out really nice.  I was told by my DD that she just loved it!  

I just have to say thank goodness for ScrappyDew.  I know, I know, you say that every time.  But gang, I really believe this.  ScrappyDew has amazing files that can be mixed and matched in hundreds of ways to come up with exactly what you want to make.  Next week, I have a card for a new neighbor of mine that is just adorable.  Bonus is that it is a Halloween card!  

One last bit, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING DAUGHTER!  I love you so very much, punkin.....

Bright blessings, Jana