Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Groovy Anniversary!

It's so nice to be back, I've really missed you all.  Today I have an anniversary card for a couple that are near and dear to my heart.  This is their 2nd anniversary and I really wanted to make something special for them.  Last Halloween they dressed up as hippies for a party.  Well wouldn't ya know it, ScrappyDew had a pattern called Grovy Palz 2012 that I could use.  Here is the link I think I did a pretty good job!  Of course all the parts were made of scraps.  Let me know what you think!

I found scraps that I thought were far-out and these fit the bill.  This card was really fun to create.  The patterns that ScrappyDew designs can usually be used for just about any occasion.  

Quickly, let me tell you about the surprise party.  The gentleman's daughter was in charge of everything.  Well I don't know how she did it, but she put two different dates on the invitations.  So I was getting together a car pool for the party and come to find out it was Sept. 7th NOT the coming 14th.  I could not believe it.  So I sent the card with hubby to hand deliver and apologize for our not attending.  Come to find out, the daughter went shopping on the day of the party and forgot about it.  No one was at the address to let the guests in.  So it was a fiasco all around.  But the fishing card did make it to the birthday boy!

Thanks so much for visiting with me today.  Not quite sure what will be on tap for the next project so you will just have to be surprised (I will be too!)

Bright blessings, Jana

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shhhhhhh.....It's a surprise!

Hi there!  I am so glad you could stop by today!  Hope your weekend is going fantastic!  In my studio this week, I have created a birthday card for a dear friend of my husbands.  He is having a surprise birthday party next Saturday.  His daughter requested that all cards be related to fishing and that each guest dress up in his/hers best fishing regalia.  Haven't came up with what I am going to wear yet but I DID make a really cute card  (thank goodness for ScrappyDew pattern files, saved my bacon once again).  So here is the link to the file that I used  The file is named Gone Fishing 2011.  There isn't any lyrics with this card as every bit of it is scraps.  Great scraps but none the less scraps.  Just cut it out using my Zenith Zing and slapped this card together.  Easy peasy!  So here is what I came up with...

Did you catch the phrase?  Good things come to those who bait!  LOVE IT!  I think that the fisherman getting this will be pleased.  OK, now on to another subject.

It's not offically fall yet and I am already starting to nest.  I do this each year. Get the windows done, change the decor from summer to fall in the house.  Well this year I wanted to cozy up the studio.  (i see all these beautiful studios with cabinets galore, and to tell ya the truth i get very envious)  So a little sprucing up was in order.  Bought a curtain rod at Walmart for $3 and put it up.  Found the curtains at a neighbors garage sale for 50 cents a couple of weeks ago. The signs on the wall were Dollar Store finds many moons ago.  I collect glass orbs (sometimes also called Witch Balls) So here is what I came up with (click on the pics they are easier to see). 

So for under $6 bucks I changed the studio into an area I will be happy to create and nest in this fall/winter.  (have to admit that I change things around all the time)

So that's it for this week.  I am taking off next Saturday for the surprise party but will be back the following Saturday with an anniversary card that is still evolving on my desk.

Take care and bright blessings, Jana