Saturday, December 27, 2014

I love castles!

Hello and welcome!  Christmas celebrations are behind us and I am ready for a project that is NOT Christmas cards.  I needed to make a birthday card for a little girl.  Who doesn't like the whole castle and being a princess for a day?  So I made her a very detailed castle birthday card.  Let's start off with the lyrics...

~ScrappyDew Royalty Palz cut file #2 and #17
~Card base Core'dinations gemstones Amethyst
~Heidi Glace rube on stickers
~Costco Silver tissue paper pack holiday
~ScrappyDew Snowflake File
~Envelope Imaginisce Baby Doll

First thing I did was to take the base of the castle and duplicate it in Make The Cut.  Next   I mirrored the second castle and welded them to create a castle card base. Decorating the castle was the fun part.  The rub on stickers look so cute.

The borders were perfect

I love how the snowflakes fit the card
Now this castle has a very special door.  The Royalty Palz file for the castle has a door but I wanted it to open.  In MTC, I added the phrase to the door (an abbreviated print and cut) and then made another door.  I split the second door down the middle and added some grommets and threaded a pretty pink ribbon through to tie the door closed.  I very carefully barely glued the edges so the second door would stick to the first door.  Here is a pic to better explain.
Door open
Door Closed
Now for the inside.  This little girl is such a girly girl.  She has hair that in the summer goes white and she is just a firecracker!  So I made her a princess that I hope see likes.  On the other side is a happy birthday greeting.


The inside of the card
Now one last picture to show you.  I had the cutest package of paper from Imaginisce called Baby Doll.  This just made the whole card come together.  So here are the finished card and the envelope.
All done!
Thank you so much for joining me today.  I hope you had the very best Christmas celebration.  Now next week I have a gift tag to share with you that is for my DIL.  Tell you all about it then.

Happy and Blessed New Year 2015 to all!  Bright Blessings, Jana

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Santa December 26th, 2014

Ok, so I really didn't call this weeks project this (giggle giggle).  But I sure wanted too!

Gosh only 4 days until Christmas Day.  I have been one busy crafter.  Grand total of Christmas cards made for the bazaar and for myself is (drumroll please) 209!!!!  Just received a check in the mail from Holiday House for $105.00.  Not to shabby for my first bazaar (i'm not counting last year because it got snowed out).

So for the last batch of Christmas (these are for me) cards I used the ScrappyDew file called Beach Santa 2013.  It is a fabulous file with a lot of elements.  This is what I came up with but of course lyrics first...

~Card base is 12x12 Recollections paper
~Inside Merry Christmas downloaded for MTC Gallery
~Elements are all cut out from Recollections paper
~Sand is 3M 220 grit sand paper
~Envelope is Graphic45 Sugar Plum Fairy

So here is the very last Christmas card for the 2014 season (YIPPEE!!!)

The front

Close up

Group shot

G45 Sugar Plum Fairy Envelope
I think that these cards are just that 'something' different from the traditional cards.  Who wants traditional when you can have fun.

I have one last very girly girl card for next week.  Still waiting to hear if you would be interested in a step by step tutorial on how I make my cards.  I want to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Bright blessings, Jana

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Too much holiday cheer!

That was the first title for this batch of my Christmas cards.  Needless to say, I changed it.

Hi and welcome back for another weekly post of my crafting adventures.  Just to let all of you know, I haven't heard about how I did at the bazaar last weekend.  I am supposed to get a check in the mail by the 15th.  So I will keep you posted.  This weeks card is a super cutie!  But first, the lyrics...

~I made a total of 16 of this type
~ScrappyDew file called Up on the Housetop.
~Recollections paper in various colors
~Core'dinations glitter silk Regal Royal and Snow White
~DCWV Glitter Stack
~For the envelope Graphic45 12 Days of Christmas Collection

I went ahead and made this a 6"x6" card. (for me it's just easier, this way I can see exactly what I am trying to put together)  I have also found that making all the back and inside first helps speed up the process.  Then I cut every piece and slip those into their own envelope.
Anything to help speed up making large amounts of cards is greatly appreciated!

So here is what I came up with.....(drumroll please)
The front
Group Photo 
Graphic 45 12 days of Christmas envelopes

I really like how these turned out.  Now only 20 more to go!  This new batch is all for in state friends so when mailed they should get them within a few days.

I am toying with an idea for the new year.  Would you like to see step by step instructions on how I make my cards with photos attached?  Let me know.

So bright blessings for the next week!  Love to all, Jana

Saturday, December 6, 2014

A different kind of mustang

Hello, gosh are you finding that this time of year just gets more busy as Christmas gets closer?  After the marathon of card making for the bazaar (which is happening THIS weekend) I just needed a few moments to collect my thoughts and make a simple birthday card.  (even though i still have about 35 more Christmas cards to make for ME)

Here are the lyrics~

~Recollections paper
~Zenith Zing and Make the Cut software
~Some really old stickers
~Dessert background that has been hanging around

I used the Scrappy Wild West file.  It has a lot of very cute western themed pieces that you can get really creative with.  I just love that about all the ScrappyDew files!!!

Now a little story about the person getting this card.  Max is the brother of one of our employees and has been helping Bob get our boat back to perfect.  He also has a red 1965 Mustang.  It is just beautiful.  So I thought why not a play on words.  So here is the birthday card I created. (sorry about the pic)

I also made him a big plate of my man catcher brownies.  He just laughed and laughed and then ate all the brownies.

Next week I hope to show you the christmas cards that I made for me to send out.  

So until then, Bright Blessings, Jana

Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'm Finished!

Hello everyone!

Whew...the last 28 days have been very very busy.  I have a grand total of 150 new Christmas cards for Holiday House this upcoming weekend.  I also have 36 additional cards. So a grand total of 186 cards that I now have to get price tags on.  It's Saturday and my cards are being delivered on Tuesday.

But first let me show you the last 2 cards that I have made.  Here are the lyrics...

~Recollection paper for the bases
~ScrappyDew Snow Flakes 2013
~Snow scene card cover from Birds cards.
~Georgia Pacific Card Stock #110
~Cor'dinations Glitter Silk Regal Royal
~Costco Silver 4pk wrapping paper
~misc. gems

CARD #5 Christmas Ornament
~Google + Community "The Cut Zone" community challenge file created by the great designer MichelleMyBelle
~Recollections Card Stock Navy and Gray
~ColorBok Silver embossed Floral Vine Texture
~DCWV Glitter Stack
~Cor'dinations Glitter Silk

Boy howdy now that's a list.

So here is how the newest cards turned out...

I Believe

I Believe inside

MMB Ornament card

MMB Ornament card inside

Group photo of the cards I created for this years Holiday House 2014

Cards that I had already created ready for tags

My box is overflowing!  Ready for tags!
So that is a wrap for Holiday House this year.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have created.  Leave me a comment to let me know.

Now I don't have any plans for a post next week.  Thought I might just take a few days off. Get the tree up and decorate for Christmas.  (but knowing me i will have a post for next week, just can't stay away from crafting)  So come back and see what I have been up too!

Bright blessings, Jana

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ho, Ho, Ho WHOA!!!!!

Welcome back for more Saturday fun!  I have the third batch of 30 Christmas cards for the bazaar done.  (working on the 4th right this minute)  Thank goodness for ScrappyDew patterns.  The files for Christmas are amazing.  For this batch I used the Classic Christmas file.  So let's go over the lyrics...

~ Classic Christmas file from ScrappyDew
~ Colorbok Mirrored paper
~ DCWV Christmas Stack
~ Recollections paper
~ Bazil solids
~ 3M spray adhesive
~ KNK Zing

So the first step was cutting all the elements and putting them in envelopes.  I next printed out in wire frame (using Make The Cut software) the completed pattern (helps to see the exact placement of elements).  Next, is the assembly line construction.  Oh, just have to tell you that I had the base for the cards already assembled.  In batches of 10, I put together each santa.  Then put each santa on the card bases.  This seems to work the best for me.  So let me show you what I came up with!

and last!
Now here is what the insides look like...

I used the beige paper inside on two batches of cards.  So that is a grand total of 90 cards so far and I have to be done by Dec. 2nd with all the cards and envelopes.  Then I think the girls will have to help me bundle the cards and put the price tags on each bundle.  A lot of work to still get done.  It's going to be close....  

So from my neck of the woods, Bright blessings, Jana

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Oh my deer...

Gosh I just made it!  These Christmas cards are taking a lot of time and effort.  Oh, hi there!  So glad you could spend a few moments with me this bright and shiny Saturday morning.  Have the next batch of 30 Christmas cards to share with you today.  Let's get to it!!!

1st the lyrics~~

~The file used is called Reindeers from ScrappyDew of course
~Recollections paper for card base
~American Crafts POW! glitter paper in Evergreen and Blush Rose (scarfs)
~Cloud 9 Joyful Sparkle paper (scarfs)
~Inside paper Imaginisce #400145
~Inside paper (girl reindeer) Paper Heart Dazzle Circles
~Envelopes will be made out of cheap yucky paper that isn't worth beans

This was a really fun one to put together.  If you read last weeks post, you got a clue as to what was coming next in the series of 5 Christmas cards for each bundle.  First here is the male reindeer.

One set has green scarf, the other red

Inside of card
Now I really wanted to create a female reindeer.  I copied a hoof in each size, made it smaller and cut off the bottom to make pretty nails.  Put a shiny pink scarf, red lips and purple earrings and you have a girly girl reindeer.

The background paper is from Costco

Girl reindeer inside
Now I want to share with you what I do with the back of all the cards I make.  I usually find a really small but relevant stamp.  Stamp the back and then I put on a sticker made out of address labels that has all my information.  

One last picture and this set is complete....

Group photo!!!

Here is a sneaky peek for next weeks group...

The cards are all made.  Have you ever wondered who makes Santa's Christmas cards???

That's it for this week.  Have a bright and merry week.  I am getting my hair and these darned caterpillars that are trying to pass as eyebrows taken care of.  So until the next episode, bright blessings, Jana

Saturday, November 8, 2014

I'm over run with penguins!!!

Welcome back to another episode of Rhapsody on Paper.  So very thankful that you chose to spend some time with me.  It just tickles my heart pink!

Well we had a very warm October.  The warmest on record for Oregon.  Then November 1st hit and wham, it got cold quick.  We got down in the low 40's last night.  My poor kitties are snuggling with mom and dad.

Now on to the first batch of 30 Christmas cards.  I have a bazaar the first weekend of December.  I am making bundles of 5 Christmas cards each and hope to have 20-25 bundles ready to sell.  I am thinking a price of $10 each bundle should work.  Everyone admires your work but won't pay what we all know it's really worth.

But first the lyrics...

~All cardstock is recollections
~The file is X-Mas Palz Collection that can be found in the ScrappyDew Vault area.
   You really should check the vault area out.  Here is the link
~Background for the front of the card is giftwrap from Costco.

So now on to the Penguins.

Here I am!
Simple inside

A huge stack of Penguins

Group picture

Now that really is a lot of Penguin Christmas cards.  Oh forgot to tell you the rubber stamp is by Studio G and I picked it up a couple of summers ago at Joann's.

And just for my loyal readers, I have a sneaky peek at the next batch of 30 Christmas cards....

Oh my deer, such a little sneeky peek....hee hee

So that's it for this week.  Back to the studio to create more Christmas goodness.  I hope you have a wonderful week.  Veterans Day is Tuesday.  So while so many have the day off, just remember our veterans.

Bright blessings, Jana

Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's a "40" likes on Facebook post....

Hello everyone, welcome to a Thursday post.  With Halloween coming up this Friday, I had 2 personal Dia de los Muertos cards to get out.  I have a life long love of coloring.  Did you know that many craft stores carry coloring books for adults? I didn't until this summer on an excursion to Craft Warehouse in Salem.  I picked up 3 of them, mostly for Zentangle (which I still as yet have not started).  The one I used for the card is this.

Next step is to color.  I made several copies on heavy Georgia Pacific 110# white card stock which you can find at Walmart.  I made several because I keep one for the final coloring and the others are to test colors on.  So here is what I came up with for the final and then I shrunk it down to fit on an A2 cards.

I scanned the reduced skull into MTC and did a print and cut.  (I wasn't about to hand cut this one)  Next I started the card design portion of this project.  Here is what I came up with for the official cards to send to loved ones.

This inside is the same for each cards.  I did a modified print and cut using Make the Cut (MTC) software.  

So how's that for a Monday post?  I hope to do more posting as the Christmas bazaar cards start to get finished.  

May you have special memories fill you on Dia de los Muertos!  

Bright blessings, Jana

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cards for two cuties!

Hello and welcome to the final post for Halloween 2014 (really, it is...).  I have been blessed with two neighbor children who are adorable!  One is 4 going on 5 and the other is just 18 months and cute as a bugs ear.  I thought I would make them special cards and then a special treat for this Halloween.  I did NOT put any sparkles on either card, but they still turned out super cute.  But first the lyrics...

~  From Scrappy Dew I have used Costume Kidz 2. The Owl and the Dog.
~  Halloween paper from DCWV Halloween Stack
~  Recollections paper
~  ATG by Scotch
~  Quail feathers (found on clearance at Joanns)

These are very simple and straight forward in they way they go together.  For the older boy I took a chance and used the quail feathers.  The little one is going to wear a costume that his aunt wore at his age.  So here they are....

Inside of the dog card
See the quail feathers?
Inside of the owl card
I think I just might make a couple of bag toppers and put wrapped candy inside.  And that's a wrap for Halloween 2014.  It was fun but I am already working on cards for the bazaar the first weekend of December.  So check back weekly and see what I come up with.

May you have a wonderful Halloween, Samhain and Dia de la Muertos!  Bright blessings as the wheel turns...Jana

Friday, October 17, 2014

Boo part 2

It's fall y'all!  But here in my little corner of the world it has been dreary.  The rainy season is here and that means not seeing the sun for weeks at a time.  BUT here in my craft room it is bright and sunny.  Time to share another BOO decoration with you.

The first BOO decoration went to my DIL's mom for her birthday.  Well, the kids wanted one also so here is what I came up with.  First off the lyrics...

~ Mix of Recollections and yucky paper in the shades I needed
~ ScrappyDew file Garden Gnomes 2013
~ ScrappyDew file Zombies 2013
~ ScrappyDew file Wizard 2013
~ Silhouette Tag Board
~ Various Inks for edging
~ Halloween paper from Paper Wishes
~ My new toy. a ATG by 3M

My DIL loves Zombies and my daughter loves garden gnomes.  So I put my thinking cap on and came up with zombie gnomes!!!  I took bits of the garden gnome file and using MTC resized the pieces to fit on the zombie shapes.  A little inking of the edges and here is what I came up with.

The "B"
A closer look
The "O"
A closer look
(sorry for the heavy pics)  Now here is the total completed project!

Many years ago, my kids found a rowen broom that was scented with cinnamon at of all places Trader Joes.  Strange Jana fact #1:  I collect witches and faeries and anything that fits in with this theme.  So a broom made out of Rowen fits right in!

Hope that you have enjoyed your visit today.  I just might have a couple more posts of Halloween projects before Sanhaim (last minute ones).  Then I will definitely be on to Christmas cards for the bazaar!

Until next week, Bright Blessings, Jana