Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Challenge # 116 Anything Goes! Tami, this is for you!

Today I would like to share a very important card.  Around 3 weeks ago, I had a contest to introduce another blog that I have. Have Colors, Be Happy! 

Well to make a long story short, my dear friend that I have known since childhood won that contest.  I needed to make a card for congratulations.  She is an avid amazing quilter and quite gifted in her ability.  So the card needed to be related to sewing.  (sorry Tami, the package will go out with your prize very soon)  Before I show you what I came up with, let's see who our fabulous SPONSORS are for this weeks anything goes challenge!

 1 digital design

3 digital designs
Here are the lyrics:
~American Crafts Neopolitan Paper
~KaiserCraft Pink Gelato-Strawberry Paper 
~American Crafts POW Glitter Paper 
~The Bead Smith 100% Hemp Cord (used for beading)
~KNK Zing Digital Cutter
~Make the Cut Software
~Adhesive Tech Mini Hot Glue Gun
~3M  Spray Adhesive
~Adhesive Tech Fine Line Glue
~Liquid Pearls
~and all the stuff that I can't live without but can't remember week to week.
So here is what I came up with.  Tami, This is for you!   

The front of Tami's Card

The inside.  I'll add a personal note before I send it!

Well that's it for this week.  Sure hope to see you back here for another Crafty Gals Corner Challenge next week.  
May you have you best week ever!  Bright Blessings, 


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Challenge #115 Anything but a card!

Hello my crafty friends.  Today I have a project for the challenge 'Anything but a card' .  That's the theme for this week.  But before we begins, here are our fabulous sponsors for this weeks challenge.

Prize:  3 Digital Images

"Stamp designer Elena Kiernan and illustrator hubby Kenny Kiernan bring a perfect storm of creative energy to the bold and fun digi stamps and clear stamp sets at this rockin’ shop, where it’s always 30% OFF your first purchase with code MYFIRSTPURCHASE. Their hundreds of fun-to-color designs include everything from kids’ to teenage girls with attitudeskateboard boys, steampunkmensportssuperheroesmusic… and for those who enjoy a little spice in their crafting, KennyK Stamps is the #1 Shop in the World for Sexy Stamps!  Rock Your Crafts with KennyK Stamps!  Click to follow KennyK Stamps on Facebook and also join their awesome new Facebook Fan Group, “Club KennyK!

Get your Wink Wink Blinkie! 
Prize:  $15 Dollar Gift Certificate

Prize:  3 Digital Images

Friends, I have to warn you that this post is picture heavy.  Rather than try to explain how I created this, I am just going to show you.  So here we go!

This is a plastic divider page.  I got a package of 8 for a buck.

This is a template for my planner hole placement

The DCWV Star Dust Stack

I cut the divider to 7x9 and used the template to and a hole punch to get the placement just right. 

My planner I got for Christmas at Costco

As you can see, this week isn't even started.

I also wanted to make some cute paper clips

The stamps I used for paper clips

I am using the Little Green Man from Wink Wink Ink.  The Little green man is 1 1/2 tall here

Little green man is 8 1/2 inches tall
Using my KNK Zing, I scanned in my 2 stamp images.  I re-sized them.  Then with my trusty MTC program, I printed them on my Samsung Lazer Printer so I could use my Foilmaster and foil the images.
Lazer Printer

These are the foiled stamped images.  Using MTC and my Zing I was able to print and cut the images after they were foiled.  Such a great program and cutter.

Cut images.  The silver quote reads, Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss you'll land among the stars.

I cut the DCWV Star Dust to 7x9
1 piece for front and back

Finishing the paper clips

I had mirrored the images so that I would have front and backs that fit together
Just a closer look

Closer look

I wanted my Little Green Man's head to act like a tab when turning the page

So here is my divider page placed in my planner

With the paper clips

Close up look at finished paper clips.
That is it for my divider page for my planner project.  Hope this inspires you to try something different.

On Saturday I am being mom-napped by my wonderful daughters for a small shopping trip to the big city.  Hope to come home inspired with some new crafting goodies.

Have your best week ever!  Bright Blessings, 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Challenge #114 Use Buttons

It's time for the newest challenge over at Craft Gals Corner Challenge.  This week the challenge is to use buttons.  These can be an embellishment or used anyway you can image.  But first let's see who are our terrific sponsors for this weeks challenge.

Prize: 2 digital images

Cute As A Button
Prize: 3 digital images

I have a story to tell you about my project for this week.  I have used All Dressed Up's digital image  the Hot Air Balloon image called Follow Your Dreams found at All Dressed Up. I don't think that you will be able to read the story I have included in the pics for this week.  So here it is.  

The Arts and Air Festival is in it's 17th year. I've been watching the balloons launch since I was a junior in high school. They launched from West Albany High Schools athletic field and usually went right over my childhood home. Some years you could have a conversation with the pilots in their balloons on the back deck while they passed over the house. The air and wind conditions were so perfect.

I have to admit that I have missed a few launches. The year is 2014. My girls took me to the Friday launch and due to thunder storms in the area, the launch was cancelled. So we went out for breakfast and then when our separate ways.

It's now Saturday morning at 6:15 am. We live about 2 miles from the new launch site. I pride myself on my excellent hearing. So what do I hear? The burners of a hot air balloon. I hear them every year but not as loud as this. I get up and look outside my bedroom window. Low and behold one of the balloons decided to pay me a visit. Here is a 70ft. tall hot air balloon landing in my driveway. Shaking alike a leaf, throwing on clothes, I run outside to see this huge balloon up close and personal. Thankfully the chase crew was pulling up just then.

The Balloon crew and the pilot landed this beautiful balloon in the street. Everyone in the neighborhood is running to come see the balloon. The pilot said that whenever they have an unexpected landing (such as this) they give rides to all the neighborhood kids. This went on for about an hour.

Finally it was time to deflate the balloon. The crew laid down huge blue tarps almost as long as ½ the length of the street. The pilot opened the top of the balloon and as quick as a bunny, the balloon collapsed smack down right on the tarp with the crew using one of the guiding ropes to position the fall of the envelope. The crew folded up the balloon, stuffed it in the trailer along with the tarp and wooden basket. Everyone said thank you and my very own balloon visit was over. 

So here is my 2 page layout of my balloon adventure!  Might want to click on each pic to see a larger version. 

The 2 page layout.

Page 1.

The story on page 1.

Page 2.
This is a button balloon.
Please feel free to leave a comment if you have questions about the items used.  The list is just to long for this post.

Now for next week, I have something that is out of this world to share with you.

Have your best day ever, Bright Blessings,

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Challenge #113 Polka Dots and/or Stripes

Hi there it's time for another challenge over at Crafty Gals Corner Challenges!  This week is all about the polka dots and/or stripes.  I selected to work with an image from Lemon Shortbread.   I selected a very cute image called 'Owl on a branch'. The Lemon Shortbread images besides being cute as can be, are really nice to print and use any medium you wish for your project. Let's take a look at who are our fabulous sponsors for this week...

 Prize:  3 Digital Images

My Besties


Prize:  The following 3 digital images!

Now on with the show.  I had a heck of a time this week trying to get my card made.  I tried a purple owl, nope not going to work.  I changed the sky to sunset.  Nope didn't like that.  So as a last resort, I made the owl variegated brown and a full moon in a night sky.  BINGO we have a winner.  So that took several days.  So here is my example for Challenge #113 Polka Dots and/or Stripes!

I am now very happy with this card.  

Short and sweet for this week gals.  If I am very lucky, I will have a 2 page layout of an event I crossed off on my bucket list.  The past few years , when I get something crossed off, I make a 2 page layout and put it in my bucket list scrapbook.

So have your very best week ever!  Bright blessings,

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Challenge #112 Use Ribbon

Hello my crafty friends.  It's Wednesday, March 1, 2017.  Gosh the year is passing so quickly.  This weeks challenge is use ribbon.  Let's see who our fabulous sponsors are...

Prize 3 digital images

Prize  3 digital images

AMB Illustrations
The prize from AMB Illustrations is to be arranged.  

Now on to what I have created to share with all my crafty friends today.  I am using the Bunny image from Scrap N Dipity.  So I decided to get some of my EASTER cards done.  These are colorful and a joy to make.  I also learned something new.  So let me share first...
Here they are!

Kinda photo intensive from here, but bear with me.

Here is a better view

Now this week I made something I have never used before.  Ribbon Lacers.  I had seen some over at Birds Cards.  If you haven't visited you must!  Most of her files are free and they cut just like butter!
I have a whole bunch of Washi Tape and I just don't use it.  I got it out and put down strips on regular photocopy paper.  Then put it on the Zing and cut the lacer out.  Worked like a dream.  You might try it sometime.

Washi Tape on Photocopy paper

After Cutting, not weeded yet

Finished ribbon lacers.

Well that is it for this week.  Next week I'll be back with a whole new idea.
Have your best week ever, Bright blessings,