Monday, April 21, 2014

Enamel Dots on the cheap!

My friend Michelle, had posted a video showing how to make your own flat bottomed enamel dots.  Here is the video (thanks to ScrapbenaCreations)  I thought that I would personally try this.  I've had great luck with You Tube videos before.  So off I went to Joanns. Found what I was looking for (1/2 off one item coupon in hand).  They are called Perler Beads.  Now I would imagine they come in different sizes.  I just got a small package to try this technique out.  So here we go.
In the 2000 piece package, there are 30 different colors and I separated them all

At my local grocer, I found sheets of parchment paper and fit them to my pan

I lined up a row of each color and baked at 285 degrees for 35 minutes
Here is a close up.

I had a leftover 6 compartment bead container and sorted these into color groups.  Now I have my own home made enamel dots to use and it did not cost hardly anything at all!  

So gang, watch the video and go make some yourself.

See ya back here on Saturday for the start of May birthday card season!


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