Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week 2 DOOZIE Project

Has it been another week already?  WOW!  There is a lot happening here in my little sphere of the blog world.  It's week 2 of the DOOZIE of a project.  I hope you will like what I have created using the patterns from ScrappyDew!  Please go and take a look at all the wonderful patterns (you know there are only 156 days until Christmas, like you needed to be reminded)

For this week I have a project that will fit the bill for a couple of holidays.  I am coming to realize that I am using up all my scraps exceedingly fast.  I'll show you the project and then tell you all about it.  Here is the link

I had to dig into my 12x12 Core'dinations Premium Cardstock Safari Pack to get the colors that I wanted.  Started with cutting the trees with my Zenith Zing.  The first layer was yellow.  Do you think I could get a good cut?  H E double toothpicks NO!!!  So I start trying to nail down what it might be.  I put in a new blade, nope.  Still tearing.  Check my settings and they are correct.  Didn't have any other 12x12 yellow paper so I cleaned my matt really well and that helped but this darned paper is so fiberous it's just shredding.  

So I remembered that others with a Zing had mentioned that when the weather is really humid they stick their paper in the microwave for 10 seconds to dry it out.  Finally this worked.  I had to do this with every sheet of Core'dinations sheet that I used.  I don't know if the weather was just really humid, but I have ran into problems with this brand of paper before.  If you would be soo kind as to leave a comment below with what 12x12 paper you use I would be really greatful.  So here are the trees~~~

Thankfully I was able to cut the scarecrow with the corn and hay bales with my good Recollections paper.  This cut like a dream (as I have expected it too).  Had some left over leaves and stuck them on also.  I think that it turned out soooo cute!

Whewwwww.....Week 2 of the DOOZIE project is complete.  Now I do know what I am making for week three but i'm not telling.  You will just have to come back next Saturday and find out.  I love having you visit and please remember to tell me what type of paper you have the greatest sucess with.  I don't want another yellow meltdown. 

So for now, Bright Blessings for the coming week!  Jana


  1. Jana, love this, great display. Awesome Job!

    Now, for the paper question, it depends on the project. If it's something special I'll use a quality cardstock, AC Cardstock, Bazzill or DCWV etc. I'll even mix brands. Recollections from Michaels cuts great as well, I use this for everyday cards. Special cards AC or Bazzill.

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  2. What a wonderful project! I always try to use Recollections cardstock. I sometimes use AC cardstock and it also cuts very well and is heavier (and more $$$) than the Recollections. However, it has a texture to it, so if you want a smooth finish, it is not the paper to use. I also have used the open stock cardstock at Hobby Lobby and it cuts okay, but not quite as nice as the Recollections. I can pretty well tell just by feeling the texture of the fibers in the paper if it will cut well or not. If it has a rougher texture (longer fibers) it doesn't cut well and shreds horribly. I have some of that Core'denations cardstock as well and it cuts ok if the design isn't intricate, but the back side of the paper is pretty rough. Make sure that side is down if you try using it again. Now that I have written a short novel in response to your question...LOL!

  3. Michelle and Beth, thanks for the welcomed comments. The closet craft store I have is Joanns. The closet Michaels is a short trip but just don't get over there to much as I don't drive. Hobby Lobby is coming to my mall but not until spring 2014. I guess I can order online. I'll see when my DIL takes me shopping next week if we can get to Michaels and stock up on paper. Can't have enough paper can you????