Saturday, August 3, 2013

Doozie of a project week 1

Hello Hello Hello!  Does anyone love Halloween?  Of all the holidays, Halloween has got to be my favorite.  Don't get me wrong, I love all the holidays but with my daughters birthday the first week of October, I had a holiday ready birthday theme each year.  She is a fabulous woman and on her own but I still decorate for Halloween (snickers and thinks she gets out of dusting if she decorates) late September each year.  This year I decided to create a "DOOZIE" of a new project.  Each week I will share another element of the DOOZIE and then reveal the whole DOOZIE of a project on Labor Day weekend.

This project is called Silly Halloween Palz 2012.  I wanted some characters for my DOOZIE.  I used all scraps of Recollections paper and really cleaned out my stash. Now I wanted each of the palz to be free standing.  So I used the Make The Cut Software and looked in the gallery for an easel.  I used User Id 4030's simple easel.  I sized it to 1.5 inches and made two for each palz.  Ran some tape on each edge and stuck them on each leg.  Now my palz are standing tall (giggle remember that old commercial with the big hair and standing tall like a proud marine, I am sane, I promise).  For next week, I haven't decided on what part of my DOOZIE to complete.  So hang in there gang, you can be just as surprized as I will be. So here are my characters:

The beggining of the week I received some shocking news.  A friend I have had since kindergarten lost her husband monday evening.  She came home from work and saw that he was on the couch.  He had passed.  He was only 56.  I was stunned to say the least and this really threw me into a tail spin for a few days.  I scrambled to make a sympathy card.  I really hate to make these.  But another friend brought up a good thought.  I may hate to make them but the person who gets it will be comforted and know that I care very much.  Thanks Elaine, I needed to be reminded of this.  So here is what I came up with:

The inside of the card has a sheet of ocean waves and beach line that I wrote a short note on.  

So that is it from my little piece of the blogoshpere today.  Remember to check back next Saturday for the second installment of the DOOZIE of a project.

Bright Blessings, Jana


  1. Jana, OMG they turned out so nice! The easel worked great.

    Sorry for the loss of your friend. That's just too young.

    DT Leader and Facebook ADMIN for

  2. Jana, I am still at a loss for words over his passing...each breathe is precious, we are each only one heart beat from eternity. XOXO