Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The glories of Foiling!

Hi there!  Welcome to my glorious adventures in the land of foiling.  Recently I was gifted with a Foil Master from my BFF.  It's made by the same folks that also make my Silver Bullet Pro cutter.  That's Scrap, Inc.  This is ONE heck of a foiling machine (did I say that it laminates also).  It has adjustable heat settings which I love.

I had been using a Scotch and a Purple Cows laminator.  The difference is amazing.  Shall we take a look?  Now for this experiment I wanted to foil overhead projector sheets so that the foil would lay over the paper underneath.  I have some purple foil from That's Scrap, Inc. and I have some Heidi Swapp MINC foil.  Here is what happened...

Heated the Foil Master to 180 degrees
Here is the design on the transparency

Covered the transparency with MINC foil

Here is the result after 1 pass.  That is when I decided to
run the MINC foil through again and again .....

This is the result with the MINC Foil.  This is
after running printed laser transparency through 3 times.
I turned up the heat to 199, and finally the Minc foil
was adhered without black spots. But look at how warpped
the color has become.  Not the nice silver color anymore.

I turned the heat down to 185.  A single pass through the
Foil Master.  (i used scraps) It looks beautiful.
No dis-colorations.  

Here is a side by side comparison.
The foil from That's Scrap Inc. is sooooo much better quality (imho)  I will fiddle around with the heat settings.  Maybe the Foil Master was set to high for the MINC foil to handle.  I will try lower settings and see if I can salvage the foil I had bought.  Just need to place an order for more from That's Scrap, Inc.

Now this post is leading up to the Saturday post.  Come back on Saturday and see what I made using this wonderful new machine.

Bright blessings, Jana

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