Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday morning catch up!

Monday morning catch up, what the heck is she doing?  Besides making cards and doozies for ScrappyDew (which I love doing), I have a few other projects that I would love to share.  Just some of my attempts to be creative.  I do have to warn you that this post is really heavy in pics.

DDs birthday is the first week of October.  Since she is not into Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids anymore (she would beg to differ) I have in the past few years tried to make her something homemade from mom besides playing bingo and buffet at the casino.  This year I found a daily planner at Ross on clearance.  I loved the planner but wanted to alter the covers.  So this is my 1st attempt at altered art.  I used my Zing cutter and a lot of K& Co. papers.  The Faeries that you see are photo copies of ones I bought a few years back at Tuesday Morning.  So here are some pics of the project.
Original planner

Faerie Ladies

Back inside cover

Front inside cover

Front Cover of completed planner
This was a challenging project.  Each of those little holes were measured and cut using my Zing.  I did save this file for future reference.  Just to let you know, I think that she really liked it.

Next is a sweet birthday card that I threw together.   I was really pleased how it developed and went together so quickly. 

Now the next few pictures are of projects for various loved ones.  (we're almost done playing catch up)

New home 

Anniversary card

Thank you


These were my Halloween cards this year
So that's what I have been up to.  I think that catches up all the projects for the past 2 months.  Thank you so much for visiting today.  This coming Saturday we will be back to posting for ScrappyDew (unless I have another project screaming to get out)

Bright Blessings and see ya Saturday!!!  Jana

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