Saturday, November 7, 2015

A favorite and quick file!

We all have them.  A tried and true favorite file that in a crunch we pull up.  Well I really needed that file today!  In all honesty, I didn't think I would have a post today.  I am neck deep in my Christmas Bazaar cards and I just happened to look at my planner.  Holy Shiitaki mushrooms!  I have a very important birthday card, which to get to the person, needs to be mailed tomorrow.  Thank goodness for ScrappyDew files.  Here are the lyrics...

~ScrappyDew Bear Clowns 2013 (a favorite of mine)
~Recollections scraps
~Neenah black cardstock
~An amazing amount of sparkles
~Colored wire
~Glue dots
~Sure Cuts A Lot V4
~My incredible Silver Bullet 24" cutter
~All the tools that you know about

This card is one that I can put together rather quickly.  The most time consuming part is picking out all the colors.  I have my scraps separated by color and size in file folders in Creative Options 12x12 plastic containers that I have cornered the market on at Costco.  (last count was 50 of them sitting on a bakers rack in my studio)  So it's all about the colors and the sparkles.  So here is what I designed...

Fast but a stunner!

Here is a close up look...I might have gone overboard
with the sparkles...

So the card is in the mail in the morning.  It's an international card so it needs at least 2 weeks to get there.  I really think I created something over the top.  Go Me!

Now for next week I hope to start showing my creations for the Christmas Bazaar.  And then on Dec. 1st, I have a really big announcement.  So stayed tuned!

Bright blessings, Jana

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  1. Love the bling and the flowing stars. Perfect added element!

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