Saturday, July 11, 2015

Christmas in July

Hi and welcome back!  I have a Christmas in July post for this Saturday.  I participate in one bazaar.  It's the Holiday House Bazaar in Newport, Oregon.  Here is a link to the Facebook page for Holiday House.  This will be my 3rd year.  I thought I would be really smart and get Michelle to remind me to start in July.  (hence the Christmas in July celebration was launched) Now I want my cards to really show off my work.  BUT.....

I thought you might like to see what I do before I get into assembly line mode.  I prototype each card idea first.  That means putting together items and seeing how they look.  So here is what I have came up with for the first prototype card.  Lyrics Please.....

~ScrappyDew's All Tangled Up file
~ScrappyDew's Oh Deer file
~Recollection card stock
~Silver Bullet Pro 24"
~Foil Master
~Scal v4.0
~there is probably the kitchen sink around here somewhere

When I prototype, there are mistakes and blotches.  These are not cards that I feel comfortable sending out.  But for trying things out, they are perfect.  I don't know if other design team members show the samples but we all have them.

So here we go.

All the elements

The foil didn't adhere correctly, extra foil on merry christmas, had to correct
a spot on the blue paper and it didn't work

What the front of the card will be

The foil mistake came off so the inside is perfect.
Do I do this for all my cards?  No.  Most of the cards are great the first time.  But give me a huge order and I will always make a sample.

Hope that this has shown you that I make mistakes and goofs quite regularly.  

Next week I have my hubbys birthday card to share.  It's a doozie!

Bright blessings, Jana

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  1. Creating a Prototype is an great way to see how the card looks before creating and assembling the real thing. We all have our mistakes and sometimes those mistakes lead to a better idea. :) This card is too cute!!

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