Saturday, March 7, 2015


No I haven't fallen off the deep end (again).  Hello and welcome back.  I needed to find green candy for treat bags for my 2 little neighbor kids and our 2 employees.  Every store I visited had Easter Candy out.  And I am NOT going to by a bag of jelly beans and just use the green ones.  (the bob would eat them, but i am not going to sit here and sort them)  So I took my walk this morning and went to Wally World.  Guess what I found?  Green dark chocolate mint M&M's.  Yippee!!!  Then I really started looking.  When did the green apple Jolly Ranchers go away?  Oh well, I am a happy camper.  I have made St. Patricks Day treat bag toppers.  But of course lyrics first...

~ScrappyDew MTC Challenge file March 2012 (i can't find the link in the ScrappyDew store it might be in the vault)
~Recollections Paper scraps
~Paper Accents Metallic Paper
~Deja Views 'Lucky Day' dbl sided paper
~Black contact paper
~M&M's Green Dark Chocolate Mint

I found these cute Ziplock bags that are snack size.  Measured the width and decided how tall my topper would be.  Mine is 6.5 inches long and 5 inches tall.  I folded this in half and that is the surface I decorated.  See the black lettering?  I set my KNK Zing to 15 pounds pressure and 1 pass and used black contact paper.  It cuts like a dream!


Green candy!!!!

These are so quick and easy to make.  Just got the assembly line technique set up and got them done in an evening.

Next week one more set of St. Patricks Day goodness and then it's the official start to Easter crafting.

Have a warmer week (east coast) and please watch out for flooding.  Here in the Pacific Northwest we are going to have a few rainy days after hitting 70 for Saturday and Sunday!!!

Bright blessings, Jana

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