Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Bling is back!!!

It's Saturday and that means time for a new project reveal!  Last weeks cards, while very nice and heartfelt, lacked a certain flair.  (which was extremely hard for me to do)  I hope I can remedy that situation with this weeks masterpiece.  I have a confession.  I love faeries, pixies, witches and mermaids.  So when I saw that SD (ScrappyDew) had a mermaid file I knew this was my cuppa tea!  First here is the link to the mermaid file Aren't these just adorable.  So now on to the card.  I knew I wanted to make an Easel Card.  It would just fit how I wanted the card to work out.  BUT, with any plan, once I start working, the card takes on a life of its own. (sometimes screaming at me) I wanted an ocean background.  Do you think in all my stash I had a pretty ocean background?  Noooo.  So I just got out my watercolors and some watercolor paper and made my own.  

I have always thought that a mermaids tail would be very beautiful and sparkle.  So I cut the tail with Zenith Zing and went in search of glitter.  Naw glitter isn't what I want, I want sequins.  (looks like a fishes scales)  I had a package of sequins that I bought a while back.  So with needle nose tweezers in hand, I glued each one on.

 Now this is where being a big fan of SD is very helpful. I had purchased Under the Sea Palz 2 and being a very happy vault member I have the Sea Palz 2009 package also.  So now I start picking and choosing what I want to use.  The animals are so small.  No bigger than an inchie! (1x1) The sea kelp was 5 inches and then I found in my stash the letters and low and behold they were bubbles. (see how some cards just come together)  So here is this weeks masterpiece!
(take a closer look to see all the details)

Now for the next few weeks, I will be sharing elements for a Halloween project that will be revealed in all it's glory after labor day.  So it might not make sense right when I post but it's a doozie!

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to have a cuppa with me.  I wish you bright blessings and see ya next Saturday!!!  Jana


  1. Jana, this is a masterpiece! The sequins added the perfect touch. I love how this all came together.

    Awesome card!

    DT Leader and Facebook ADMIN for

  2. Michelle thank you so much!

  3. Very nice, I wouldn't have thought to put the sequins on. It looks great! Thanks for sharing your creations with us!
    the other Jana :)

  4. Just too sweet! I love the sequins on the mermaid's tail! You are so clever Sis! XOOX