Saturday, August 20, 2016

Back to school with Gunnar!

Hello and welcome to my blog.  This week I have a back to school card for my very special friend, Gunnar.  I started making back to school cards for him a couple of years ago.  Here is this years edition.  Let's do the lyrics first...

~The amazing Scrap Factory Program
     Teen Scene -No open toes
                      -Outfit Teen boy #3
                      -Hair 'Charles'
                      -Accessory glasses
~Miss Elizabeths foam stickers Backpack and apples
~ScrappyDew Bookworm 2015 view #3 (changed hair to Charles from SF)
~Font is Market Deco
~Paper used:  DCWV Textures 180
                     KaiserKraft P1027 'fulfill'
**That's the major stuff.  All other stuff is still the same**

I have it on the best authority that Gunnar loved his card.  Especially the figure with the T-shirt (wonder why?).

The front of the card

That is an envelope pocket on the right.  I put a
personal note to Gunnar on it.

The back.

The Envelope.
I thought the paper for the card and envelope were just perfect for back to school.  A grown up student instead of a little kid.

Next week I hope to have another birthday card featuring Scrap Factory and some rubber stamping and coloring.  Have a great upcoming week.  Bright blessings, Jana

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Friends of Friends!

Hey there, I'm back!!!  Hopefully you saw the sneaky peeky over at the facebook Rhapsody on Paper page.  This sneaky peeky was the back of a birthday card.  The card is going to (ok, this is tricky) my daughters best friends mom.  We have never met, but we have talked a few times.  Maybe this year we will get our girls together and finally get to meet face to face.   So here come the birthday card lyrics...

~ScrappyDew Cheerleader Girl 2015
~Scrap Factory Hair Bridgette (remember if you have Scrap Factory, you CAN change the           hair on any ScrappyDew figure)
~Recollections paper new and scraps
~DCWV Glitter stack
~INKS Colorbox Petal Point Classic
     Cookie Dough, Black and Light Blue
     Bistro Hand (found at
~Happy Birthday Font from
~My precious Silver Bullet 24" pro cutter
~My new Grand Calibre by Spellbinders
~my needle nose tweezers, 3M spray adhesive
~Milk and Oregon Chai combo

I wanted to let you know, when you import figures from files made by ScrappyDew, keep them at original size.  Go into Scrap Factory and pic a hairstyle that you might like better.  Import that hairstyle at original size.  Then you can put the hair on the figure and adjust accordingly.  I love this feature of Scrap Factory!  So here is this weeks birthday card for Tina.

I just happened to find the little megahorn sticker at St. Vinnies.

Oops. I also used the cupcake from the Cuttlebug.  I just threw
together the happy birthday and banner from my collections
of stuff.

The back

In the envelope ready to be addressed.
I had a lot of fun making this card.  I used items that I had no idea how to use.  Thank goodness for YouTube.

For next week, I have a back to school card for a young gentleman.  Hope you can join me!!

bright blessings, Jana

Friday, July 29, 2016

Are you a relic?

Hello everyone!  I have a funny birthday card today.  We had 'the bobs' last week.  This week is the shop managers birthday.  Duane has known Bob since he was a little boy.  It was Duane's wish to someday work with Bob.  Well for the past 9 years he has.  Couldn't ask for a better shop manager.  Each year I make an apple pie and a birthday card.  Here is what I came up with for this year.  (yes, bob and duane could be father and son. they look so much alike)  Here is the lyrics...

~Scrap Factory program (get it if you haven't)
     Body-No open toes
     Outfit-Couples suit 6
~ScrappyDew Fossil Hunters view #3
~Bing search for Cheese tower jpeg
~Recollections Scraps
~Paper Accents for card base
~Black Contact Paper
~Dino footprint Vector File Converted to svg
~Inkadinkado Happy Birthday Stamp
~Ranger Liquid Pearls
~SCAL V4.049 cutting software
~Silver Bullet Pro 24" cutter
***you imagine what tools I use***

So here is the card I created.  I hope that Duane gets the humor.

The front

Give the fossil a close-up

Inside top

Inside bottom

Card and envelope

He got the apple pie on Thursday and will get the card on Monday.  So happy that I can make something that puts a smile on his face.

Next week another birthday card.  Slowly getting back in the groove....

Bright Blessings for a fantastic week for you!


Saturday, July 23, 2016


Today is my husband Bob's birthday.  I try to treat him like a king everyday.  Some would say that I am a 50's housewife.  But in return I am also treated like a queen!  So I try to make him birthday cards that reflect either his passion for boating or his love of working on any sort of engine.  The engines won out for this year.  But lyrics first...

~ScrappyDew Scrap Factory
     Body-No open toes
     Outfit-Construction #2
     430-JJ Tool Frame 1999
     Enbossing Arts Co.
     Embellish by Dena 2013 'Tanya'
     DCWV Textures 180 stack
~Still playing with blocks
     SVGCoop you must become a member to download many many very nice
     SVG files for FREE!!!
~The list of weekly items
     My Silver bullet 24" Professional Cutter
     SCAL V4.049
     Tools tools tools especially my dental tools for weeding vinyl

So here is what I came up with.  You saw in the last post The Bob that I created in Scrap Factory.  So now here is his birthday card in all it's glory!!!

The outside (i made the blocks by hand)

Here is the vinyl pattern from SVGCoop

Here is Bob

The complete inside of card
This is the tin sign that I found as a gift!

So for tonight, I am hoping that he is up to going out for dinner at the Chinese Buffet that also has a Mongolian grill.  

That's it for this week.  Next week is my sister of the heart Kelly's birthday.  Who knows what I will come up with!

Bright blessings, Jana

Saturday, June 25, 2016


First off, hello and welcome to my Saturday blog post featuring the Scrap Factory program created by ScrappyDew.  This has got to be the all time favorite program of all the programs that I use.  Just can't get enough of building characters with accessories!

I have a confession to make.  I let time get away and thought I had another week before I needed to do my posting.  SURPRISE JANA!!!  You post THIS Saturday.  So this is what I came up with.   Meet THE BOB, also called my hubby.  But first the lyrics...

~ScrappyDew Scrap Factory Doll Builder Program
~Body-No Open Toes
~Outfit-Construction worker #2
~Stamp-430-JJ Tool Frame 1999 by Embossing Arts Co.
~Paper-Embellish bu Dena 2013 'Tanya'
~Paper-DCWV Textures 180 Stack
~Silver Bullet 24" Pro Cutter
~Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) v.4.048
~Recollections paper scraps
~The kitchen sink of tools

I knew that I have The Bob's birthday coming up soon on the 23rd of July.  I try to make him a unique card each year.  So for this year I actually made The Bob.  (i'm sure he will get a big kick out of this)  Lets see the pics...

This is my husband Bob.
This is my darling husband Bob!

I found this stamp at St. Vinnies.  Knew right away what I was using it for.
Now I am not quite sure if I will design the card with the background
on the outside or on the inside.
This is what a blue card would possibly look like.
So I have at least made a background and a BOB.  If you compare the pictures, I'd say I got pretty dang close.

I hope to have a 4th of July card for you next week.  Until then, Bright blessings, Jana

ps. I will post when I finish his birthday card.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Graduation 2016

Hello everyone!  Some exciting news just now.  

Seems just like yesterday, Michelle asking me to join the design team and write a blog. Well folks we are at 150 posts.  (that's 2.88 years) I couldn't have achieved this goal without all the help from ScrappyDew and all my friends.  I am very thankful to keep writing. 

OK now on to this weeks post.  It's graduation season around Oregon.  When Bob and I got together, there was a little 7 year old that was cute as a button.  She is now a gifted swimmer and graduating.  Gosh how time flies.  Here come the lyrics...

     Body-No Open Toes
     Outfit- Grad Suit Girl #1 (Graduation expansion pack)
     Accessory- Sunglasses
~My irreplaceable Silver Bullet 24" Pro cutter  
     Dear Sherri, will get in touch soon!  
~Prang Brush Pen Silver for edges
~Aluminium Foil for sunglasses
~Class ACT Tassel Toss 12x12 from TPC Studios
~Those items that someday I just might keep track of.

I must confess, I have used this expansion pack for graduation cards before.  But it is the BEST on in my humble opinion.  If you want to know a secret, usually the long hair is placed first and then starting with the arms and sleeves, all the leg pieces and last the body and then the face and last piece of hair.  This is the usual order for all the expansion packs ScrappyDew offers for Scrap Factory.   

So here is Molly in all her glory!  Congratulations!!

I just love the way the Silver pen brought out the
details in the gown.

The inside.  As you can see I foiled the phrase.
"The futures so bright, I gotta wear shades"  by Timbuk3

Always decorate the back.

The envelope.
I have to say this file has never let me down.  Molly loved it!  

Maybe next week I will have another post along the lines of Fathers Day.  Until then, Bright Blessings for the coming week, Jana.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Last Birthday Cards for May!

Whew!  That was a crunch of crafting.  May is a very card heavy month.  Bam, bam, and a final bam.  Hi everyone!  It's Saturday and I have the last of the birthday cards to share with you today.  I have used the incredible ScrappyDew file called Garden Girl 2015.  But first the lyrics...

~ScrappyDew Garden Girl 2015
~Recollections scraps
~Silver Bullet 24" Pro
~Sure Cuts A Lot v4.044
~Recollections Sparkles paper
~Card base Canvas Corp. Choc. & Kraft mini dot
~Happy birthday stamp by Inkadinkdo
~AlmaLynne (Inkadinkado) Flower Pot and Watering Can stamps
~Envelope & Gypsies Spitafields

I have used this image for May birthdays quite a lot.  Very easy to put together.  I used as an embellishment seed packets that I have received in the mail.  Probably to old to sprout.
So this is what I dreamed up.

A card for Dolores!

A card for Auntie Kathy!

Even got in a little bit of coloring!

I've taken to decorating the envelopes also.

Both together!

The card base is the flower pot she has in her hand but really blown up.  Duplicate it and weld and you have a very unusual card base.  These two cards went over fantastic.  I guess that is why I keep coming back to the Garden Girl 2015 file!!!

Now I have a graduation card for the gal across the street for my next post in 2 weeks.  Are you all gardening?  That is what is taking my time and energy.  Instant gratification!!!

Bright Blessings, Jana